About Me

Dr. Stanley Acho (born 28 Feb. 1972) is a Nigerian, A director in Stretch-out Group (Stretch-out Exclusive Rendezvous Ltd, Stretch-out BDC Ltd, Stretch-out Investment Ltd.), Trans America Oil and Gas, the Principal Consultant of Stanley Consulting, an outstanding financial consulting firm and the director of The Sameday Delivery.

Educational Background

Dr. Stanley Acho hails from Imo state. He is a doctor of Philosophy in Business Psychology (Ph.D) from University of America, Califonia, a Master degree holder in marketing from the Federal University of technology, Owerri, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from University of Calabar, Higher National Diploma in Marketing from Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu also his Ordinary National Diploma from Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. He had his secondary education from Holy Ghost College Owerri.  He is also a member of The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA).


Dr. Stanley Acho is an Alumnus of the University of America Califonia, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, University of Calabar and IMT Enugu. He is a member of the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) who has over the years built a strong reputation in the banking sector as: Branch Coordinator with Fidelity Bank, Executive Analyst for Western Union in First Bank of Nigeria, Branch Manager with National Bank and Wema Bank, Regional Manager (Ag) in defunct Equatorial Trust Bank now Sterling Bank and United Bank for Africa (UBA) among others.

During Dr. Stanley Acho’s time in one of the banks where he relentlessly proved his qualities as an outstanding banker, he developed a product popularly known as Esusu Banking which brought a tremendous increase into the bank’s liquidity. Stanley didn’t stop there, he went further to provide effective management and leadership for the branch and developed the business as a whole. He was equally able to identify the customers’ needs and came up with useful recommendations on ways to meet those need he ensured prompt and accurate appraisal of credit application.

When we talk about human and material resources management, Acho is definitely the best man for the job. He further proved his worth by proactive management of existing relationships while he identified new opportunities with tremendous profitability. Without mincing word, the experience gathered by Dr. Stanley Acho in nine different banks where he has left his indelible mark of honor and integrity shows that he is on top of his game.

Dr. Stanley Acho over the years has being involved in contributing to the built up the motherless, this passion he has from childhood as he behold the mother takes care of children in that category. He is an Inspirational Speaker on Finances to the top level. A humanitarian and a banker of high repute.

Acho since inception has been an excellent personality, in his year two at IMT Enugu, he was awarded the Best Student by the Marketing Students Association.

He was one of leaders during his final level. He was the Lord Mayor of the Institute, President of Marketing Association, Lord Chancellor of Exclusive Club and he top the list of graduating students of his set 1997/98.

He has been honored on several platforms at international level, in 2015 he was the only black among the speakers at Bankers conference held in Amsterdam.

Acho Stanley is married with kids.